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Out of Field Teachers

Florida state law requires that schools notify a parent when a teacher is assigned teaching duties dealing with a subject matter that is outside the field in which the teacher is certified.

The following teachers meet the criteria for parental notification.
Mrs. Gatrell, ESE PK Teacher   
Certified: ESE K-12                                                                Out of Field: ESE PK        
Mrs. Bostiwick, ESE Teacher
Certified: Elementary Education K-6                                      Out of Field: ESE  

Mrs. Genslinger, Kindergarten Teacher        Certified: English 5-9                                  Out of Field: Elementary Education K-6

Mrs. Sellers,  Fourth Grade Teacher
Certified: Elementary Education                                            Out of Field: ESOL Endorsement  
Mrs. Choy, Guidance Counselor 
Certified: Elementary Education 1-6
Out of Field: Guidance and Counseling               
Please feel free to contact the school at 352-669-3181 if you have any questions.